Our Services

We provide all of the professional services a startup church or para-church organization needs:

  • Formation: Articles of Incorporation, bylaws, minutes for initial directors’ meeting, and other startup documentation (routinely within 1-4 weeks of retainer).
  • Tax Exemption: Establishing 501c3 Tax Exempt Status at the federal level (IRS Form 1023, etc.)
  • Maintenance: Guidance and instructions in maintaining corporate formalities and keeping the church or para-church’s tax exempt status over the long term.
  • Telephone and Support Program: Continuing representation and consultation including employment, operations and governance matters, and contract issues. Our on-call telephone support program is a way to address your problems and concerns in a cost-effective and timely manner. For pricing for see Fee Schedule.
  • Compliance Review: Entailing review of bylaws, federal filings and representation when organizations are out of compliance.
  • Tax Matters: legal assistance with various tax matters to include:
    • Tax Liens
    • Tax Levies
    • Installments Agreements
    • Offers in Compromise