Telephone Consultation

Clergyzoom prefers to consult by telephone and /or through correspondence since these methods are more cost effective to the client. In the event direct consultation at your office or the church is required or mutually deemed to be necessary, Clergyzoom will charge a consultation fee of $1,000.00 a day plus the costs associated with such travel, to include: hotel accommodations, meals, auto rental and miscellaneous expenses, etc.

The need for telephone consultation is becoming prominent with churches desiring to improve or change their governance arrangements and address other problems. Such contact is critically necessary to keep the communication at a positive level and to exchange facts and information essential for the accomplishment of the desired objective(s). The fee schedule for all telephone consultation is:

Up to 15 minutes – $45.00

16 to 30 minutes – $60.00

31 to 45 minutes – $75.00

46 to 60 minutes – $100.00